Wow! Outstanding turnout this week. Many of you that came must have thought I was still on vacation (lol).  Great program on water issues in our area. Really, really well done. Great job by our program chair Jim Armstrong. 
We also gave out gifts to CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for the foster kids they help. Our club also raised 1,700 dollars through an impromptu ask by yours truly.  Wow, what a generous club we have. Those that missed the meeting have already received an email from me asking for your support of our normal foster care effort this holiday season.  Margo Byrne is doing a great job of heading this up and I’ve set a goal of $3,000 to give her for this effort. Please join me and consider giving to this very worthwhile cause. 
We leaned a little bit about our club member Dean Axelrod. He’s a heck of a cook. Does not really have a lot of favorites and when he was younger he wanted to be on the radio. Thank you Dean for your time at the meeting. It really was nice to learn more about you. 
This was our last meeting before the end of the year. That also means you guys are halfway done with me. I’ve staved off 3 impeachment attempts that I am aware of.  I had 1 goal during my year and that was to get our members back attending our meetings in person and engaged. We have a long way to go but at least we are moving in the right direction thanks to all of you! 
I wish all of you the best of this holiday season. I will of course watch my Holliday movies and cry when Bill, in The Polar Express says “Christmas just doesn’t work out for me” gets me every time because my fellow Rotarians I was Billy. 
Do me a favor and go make a difference for a Billy this holiday season. 
Michael Baker
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara