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Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
United States of America

Join us for an insiders behind the scenes on the ground and in the air view of the US Environmental Protection Agency, with former EPA Southwest Administrator, Mike Stoker. Mike Stoker served on the Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors 1986-1994 (In 1992 Stoker was named “Most Valuable Public Official in County Government in America” by Governing Magazine. Stoker was chosen out of 17,532 potential recipients.); Majority Counsel to the Republican Party in Congress, 1995; Chairman, CA Agricultural Labor Relations Board,1995-2001; Deputy Secretary of State, 2001-2002; and served as the Southwest Administrator of the US EPA 2017-2020 serving 60 million people in 8 time zones from Navajo Nation in the East and the Pacific Island Territories of Northern Marianna Islands, Guam & American Samoa to the West with Hawaii, California, Arizona & Nevada in between.