Slowly but surely our meeting attendance keeps going up. We had 20 members at our meeting today. We conducted our club assembly where we approved the foundation report and welcomed two new members to the foundation board. Congratulations to Greg Knowles and Aruni Boteju. Special thank you to Dick Salooga and Jim Armstrong for your years of service to the foundation. The Foundation is in great shape due to your service.  
We inducted two new members today, Karen Sophiea and Adrianna Foss.  Outstanding work by our Membership Chairman, Steve Baker. Rumor has it we may have a couple more new members joining in the next few weeks. 
We got to know our past president 2020-2021, Stacey Lydon a little better. Here is a little of what we learned. Ten-year-old Stacey wanted to be a host on any of the morning shows either the Today show or Good Morning America. She is not ashamed to admit she loves Harry Styles music. She prefers a cocktail over a glass of wine. She once dressed up as a Canadian Mountie for Halloween. Oh by the way she was 32 when she dressed up like that. She prefers CAL to USC. Truth be told she had her heart set on going to UAlbany instead of UCLA but she was waitlisted (ok maybe that isn’t exactly how she said it, but that’s how I heard it) Finally between Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt or Matt Nehmer…she takes Matt every time. 
I am looking forward to our next meeting where an old friend of the club, Dan Aldrich III, will give a talk on the history of the UC system.   image0.jpeg
Final note his name is Van Morrison not Van Van Morrison. You really needed to be at the meeting to understand that one. 
See you all on October 7th. 
All my best, 
Michael Baker
Club President