Fellow Rotarians,
Have you seen the preview for the upcoming Beatles documentary, “Get Back”? If not, check it out.
Peter Jackson (of “Lord of the Rings” fame) spent years sorting through hundreds of hours of never-before-seen footage from the “Let it Be” sessions to offer a new look at the creative process of the world’s greatest band.
We have a connection to Jackson’s doc, and the Beatles for that matter, joining us this Friday at our club meeting. John Lucchetti, our speaker, is the co-founder of Santa Barbara Records. He also has as professional connection to renown musician, producer, and Santa Barbara resident Alan Parsons. Parsons in turn was on the production team for “Let it Be” and can be seen in the movie, especially during The Beatles’ famous rooftop concert.
So there you have it: Beatles to Alan Parsons to John Lucchetti to RCSB. There is still time to register for what will be our last gathering at Brass Bear this year. We have two site visits coming up in December. Hope to see you there. 
In service,
Matthew Nehmer
President (2021-2022), Rotary Club of Santa Barbara