On the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month….I remember very clearly being in 3rd grade and learning what that meant for the first time. Veterans Day (formerly Armistice Day).  I have always had a tradition on Veterans Day where I contact my friends and family members that are veterans and thank them for their service.  I know we have members of our Club that are Veterans too and I want to especially thank you all for your dedication and sacrifice.   Placing one’s life on hold and literally laying your life on the line for your country, if that isn’t dedication to what America stands for then I don’t know what is.   Do me a favor.  In honor of all that have served and that are currently serving reach out to your friends and loved ones that have and or are currently serving and thank them for their service.  I promise you that you will feel great doing this and they will very much appreciate it.
God Bless America!
All my best,
Michael Baker
Rotary President