You missed a good one!  We had a very nice program this past week at the Owner of the new Santa Barbara Professional Soccer Team “The Santa Barbara Sky” was our speaker.  Peter Moore gave us an inside look at what to expect with the new team coming to town starting play in the Spring of 2024.  I can tell you as well they are really looking to make an impact in the community. 
We learned a little about one of our members, Lindsey Leonard.  Lindsey is the Executive Director of the Alzheimers Association Central Coast Chapter. She grew up in Santa Cruz and also had a long-term stint working for the United Boys & Girls Clubs having been the Club Director of our Westside Club. 
We tried a new venue this week and we are going to make it a permanent home for us for at least the remainder of my term as President of the Club.  Great feedback on the food, the venue.  Parking was an issue but was due to construction that will be cleared up by our next meeting.  I am 100% confident you will ALL love this new venue. 
Those of you that were able to attend also learned that I am NOT adopted and my birthday is July 30th NOT July 31st (you really need to be there to get these inside jokes)
All my best,
Michael Baker
President 2022-2023