Programs and Special Events

Programs and Special Events works to secure top notch guest speakers for the weekly Rotary meeting as well as planning and organizing special social events for the membership throughout the year.

Programs & Special Events Director

Responsible for arranging speakers for all regular lunch meetings. This, conceptually, is an ‘open’ committee, where all Club members are encouraged to come up with good speakers. Important ingredients for good programs are [a] where the speaker and topic are very interesting and stimulate members to attend and [b] where nobody falls asleep during the presentation and [c] we all leave feeling that we learned something and that our time was well spent.

Fiesta Party Chair
This person would create a volunteer committee to plan our Friday lunch meeting (first Friday in August) around the Fiesta parade. There will be committee meetings to plan the event. Rotarians who volunteer for this would attend once a week meetings (probably the month of July) to set up event for one hour per meeting.

Family Barbecue
This is generally handled by the Red Badger leaders and Red Badgers for the annual barbecue. They meet 2-4 times (one hour usually) in August to plan for the September event and the red badgers entertain & do the cooking.

Holiday Party
There is a chair and co-chair that get volunteers on a committee to plan the Rotary Holiday Party. Usually it is the first or second week in December. Volunteers on this committee would meet in Oct/November for 3-4 meetings to plan out the event, entertainment, etc. Time commitment is max. 4 meetings over a 6-week period of time generally 1-2 hours planning the event.

Valentine’s Day Luncheon
This is small committee effort. Volunteers would meet in January to plan this event for the Friday closest to Valentine’s Day. They decide day or evening event and what the event will be like. Time commitment is 2-3 meetings for one-two hours maximum in January-early February. Very easy and fun to do.

Golf Day
A committee event, one chair person needed and committee members. They meet 2-3 times in April to plan the mid-May event. It involves planning the lunch and golf tournament for the club. Time involved 3-4 meetings usually one hour max to plan out the fun sporting day for the club. This involves planning golf tournament and scheduling spa activities at a specific location for members to go that are not golfing after the lunch meeting.

Step Down Dinner Party
This is a committee event that always has the past president and at least two board members on the committee and a few club volunteers. They start meeting in March/April to determine the location, then in May they meet 2-3 times to plan activities at the event. This is a fun event to plan. Time commitment is one-two hour meeting in March to select the location, and then 2-3 one-hour meetings in May to plan the event which is always the last Friday in June.