Membership Committee

The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Membership Committee is tasked with seeking the leaders in the community to offer membership into our Club.


Membership Recruitment
Establishes yearly goals and recruits in the community for new Rotary members to join this club. Arranges for Rotary / Club information for prospective members and their sponsor. Proposes member to the Board of Directors and club members. If approved, coordinates with President for induction, and with New Member Committee to let them know a new member is coming aboard. Committee works weekly throughout the year.

New Member Program
Assists all new club members to become familiar with the club, its members, and activities. Encourages and promotes all “Red Badgers” to complete their list of activities to graduate to a “Blue-Badger” status. Plans and conducts the annual “Family BBQ” each September. Meets at least monthly.

Rotary Information
Introduces new members to the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara, sets up online member portal, and covers all important documents and the history or the Club.