Club Service

This encompasses all activities necessary to make the club function successfully and achieve its goals.  Although the Club is an entirely volunteer organization, its leadership structure and management rivals that of a for-profit business.  The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara takes “making a difference” seriously and does so by electing a Board of Directors, which is the club’s decision making body, and separating the major responsibilities of club administration into several committees.

Club Service Director

The committee reviews all of the requirements from District 5240 to receive the yearly district awards (Club Service, Community Service, International Service, Vocational Service, Youth Service, Governors Citation, & Governor’s Super Club Award), and completes the necessary nomination forms in the Spring of each year. The committee is responsible to encourage each Avenue of Service Director to meet the stated award requirements.

Banner Display
Neatly store and display appropriate Rotary banners at the club’s weekly meeting.

Arranges for the yearly election of the club’s Board of Directors members.

Greeter/Pledge Chair
Responsible for every meeting to have someone assigned to greet the members & lead the pledge. This person would be required for the entire year – July through June to line up red badgers (generally assigned by the month) Once they assign someone to each month or every two weeks, there is little to do after that, except maybe have substitutes in case someone does not show up.

Arranges for and keeps all historical records of club activities. As appropriate, adds new items throughout the year in consultation with Club President and Office Assistant.

HUB Editor
Is responsible for compiling the meeting notes, President’s letter, and announcements each week and emailing the newsletter to all members.

Responsible for every meeting to have someone lead the innovation. This person would also be responsible for the entire year to assign individuals for this. Generally we have at least five people who are always willing to do this.

PRLS (Potential Rotary Leadership Seminars)
Encourage and arrange for current and future Rotary leaders to become more effective in their leadership roles by promoting Rotary District 5240 PRLS and Master PRLS classes to club members. Class topics include: Leading a Meeting, Public Speaking, Facilitation Skills, Situational Leadership, and Rotary, Your Club and You. May arrange for classes in Santa Barbara or support classes throughout the district. Committee meets as needed.  PRLS Website

Sergeant at Arms
Each Friday at the club’s meeting, assists the club’s president with all meeting room arrangements that include having a microphone, tables, chairs, head table, etc. Helps President with the introduction of guests, visiting Rotarians, fines to club members, and other items as needed.

Chooses and leads the opening song for the Rotary meeting each week.