Rotarian On The Road – Seattle

Rotarian On The Road – Seattle

Fellow Rotarians,

I have had a great summer touring around the Western United States in my van.  I’m in the Pacific Northwest now, making a wide turn east to drive to the Midwest to visit family.  I will be stopping along the way to do Rotary make-up meetings and will be sharing my experience as a ‘Rotarian On The Road’.


This past week I had the opportunity to visit our part time member Kirk Greene in Washington and join him for the Rotary Club of Seattle meeting.  Kirk was right, the club is huge!  From the multiple television video cameras spread out around the room to the full Audio/Video station in the back and the barcode scanners taking attendance, I was amazed at the large scale operations in motion. Despite the size of the Club, nearly 400-500 members at times, the room felt small and personal, much like our Club meetings. I sat with a Past President and had a great conversation with our table. The speaker was Myron Gray, President of United States Operations for UPS.  Before I left Kirk and I snapped a quick photo with the Club’s current President, Sue Nixon. I had a blast seeing Kirk again and meeting so many great Rotarians.

I’m not sure where I’ll attend my next make-up, but I’m looking forward to meeting more Rotarians!

Chris Clemens
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara


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