Rotarian On The Road – The Plain 100

Rotarian On The Road – The Plain 100

Fellow Rotarians,

It’s been a few weeks since my last update. I’ve been busy working, training, and preparing for a 100 mile running race in Plain, Washington. I’m happy to say that I completed the race in 31 hours and 47 minutes. But, it wasn’t easy.

The Plain 100 isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a self supported 100 mile race through remote National Forest trails in the Cascades. Well, it’s not just 100 miles, it’s closer to 109 miles. There are no crews, no pacers, no aid along the trails, and water is obtained from rivers and streams. I carried everything I needed (food and gear) for a 62 mile loop, returned to my van to resupply, and set out on a 47 mile loop overnight. I checked in with forest rangers at several places along the course but they were not permitted to give me any aid and in the middle of the night I took a 30 minute dirt nap next to a Search and Rescue truck while the volunteers sat comfortably inside with the heat blasting. The sunrise on day 2 brought me back to life and nearly 32 hours after starting the race I sauntered back to the finish line, happy to be done. 35 people started the race, but only 18 finished. For all of my efforts, I earned a “Plain 100” hand painted rock. No medal, no t-shirt, no stickers…just a rock. Yeah, runners are kinda weird.

This week I’m in Utah preparing to help my brother run his own 100 mile race from Utah to Idaho. His is much more supported and I’ll be driving the truck from aid station to aid station carrying his gear and pacers. It will be nice to be comfortable in the truck this time rather than sleeping in the cold dirt! Have a great week!

Chris Clemens
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara


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