Rotarian On The Road – Knoxville

Rotarian On The Road – Knoxville

Fellow Rotarians,

This past week I found myself in Knoxville, Tennessee looking for a Rotary makeup meeting. There were several Clubs in town, but the Wednesday morning sunrise Club sounded the most interesting, until my alarm rang at 5:55 AM and it was still dark out. I made it to the Gettysvue Clubhouse just before 7:00 AM, checked in, and joined the 20 members having breakfast. The conversation was jovial, some good natured jabbing, and a few wagers were set for the upcoming college football games, I felt like having breakfast with Fatch and Aldrich!

The program speaker was Chip Reed, President of Junior Achievement of East Tennessee. I have participated in Junior Achievement before, but I was totally inspired by the BizTown program which teaches 5th grade students the “Economics of Life” by giving them into a miniature city to run for the day. From electing city officials to running all of the businesses and balancing their own personal checkbooks, these 5th graders learn the skills they’ll need when they are done with school and become part of a community. To watch a quick video about the program click HERE.


On a personal note, I had breakfast with a member who had worked in the baking industry and we talked shop about the industry leaders, the baking business, and some of the trade shows we had both participated in around the world. You never know who you’ll meet, that’s what makes visiting other Rotary Clubs so much fun!

Have a great week!

Chris Clemens
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara


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