Rotarian on the Road – The End Of The World

Rotarian on the Road – The End Of The World

Fellow Rotarians,
This past week my friend and I visited Ushuaia, Argentina, commonly referred to as “The End Of The World”. Ushuaia is on the Tierra del Fuego archipelago and is one of the southernmost cities in the world. It is also the southern terminus of the Pan-American Highway spanning 19,000 miles from the tip of South America to the top of North America. While we did not traverse the entire stretch of road we were pretty stoked to be hanging out at the end of the world!
From Ushuaia we boxed the bikes and boarded and airplane for the 3 hour flight north to Buenos Aires. We have just a week or two left in South America and from Buenos Aires we plan to ferry over to Uruguay and spend a week cycling back to Argentina before heading home.

Have a fantastic week!

Chris Clemens

Rotarian On The Road

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