Rotarian On The Road – Centennial Clock Tower

Rotarian On The Road – Centennial Clock Tower

Fellow Rotarians,

One evening while visiting home in Indiana I was absently watching the evening news when I familiar symbol appeared on the screen.  “A new clock tower sits at the downtown Fort Wayne library thanks to a centennial donation from the Rotary Club of Fort Wayne.” It seems that no matter where I go, I am never far from the Rotary Wheel!

The donation of the Rotary Clock Tower in Fort Wayne, Indiana marks the 100th Anniversary of the local Rotary Club.  Many Rotarians, community leaders, and local residents were on hand for the ribbon cutting ceremony.  Watching the news report reminded me that our own club is quickly approaching our 100 year anniversary and we are looking forward to celebrating the occasion!

A few days later, while attending another Rotary make-up meeting, the local Assistant District Governor came to report on the clock tower ribbon cutting.  Rotary is very active and strong in the local communities here in Indiana.


On a personal note, the leaves are changing colors, the geese are flying south, and the thermometer is starting to drop. Winter is on its way to Indiana.  I’ll stay here a few more days to visit friends and family, and then start my own trip south, to find warmer weather, more adventures, and new Rotary Clubs!

Chris Clemens
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara


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