Rotarian on the Road – Born To Run

Rotarian on the Road – Born To Run

Fellow Rotarians,

Last week I made it back to attend Born to Run, an annual camping and running festival just outside of Los Olivos. Each year I meet 500 of my closest friends to run, dance, reunite, and laugh through an incredible weekend together. This year I signed up for the 4 Day Event and over 4 days, well, really 3 days, I ran 100 miles through cold morning temperatures and stifling hot afternoon heat. The weekend included races in length from 4 days or 200 miles down to 10 miles and even a 0.0 Mile Race. It is much less about racing and more about celebrating life, running, and friends.

I’m back in Santa Barbara now and getting on my fast bicycle to complete my RAAM 2017 training. The race starts in just about 3 weeks and I’ll be here in Santa Barbara visiting our Club during the final few weeks of training. See you soon!

Chris Clemens
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara


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