Rotarian On The Road – The Bear 100

Rotarian On The Road – The Bear 100

Fellow Rotarians,

This weekend I found myself at another 100 mile running race, but at least this time I was volunteering as crew rather than traversing the distance myself! My brother Tyler was running The Bear 100 from Logan, Utah to Fish Haven, Idaho. 100 rugged miles traversing the Wasatch and Bear River Ranges to Bear Lake with 22,000 feet of climb, the Bear 100 is no joke. Tyler started the race Friday morning and ran through Friday night. In the early hours of Saturday morning he hobbled into the 75 mile aid station determined to quit. As his crew, we knew it was our job not to let that happen.

Following a 20 minute nap we pushed him back out on the trail and after several more hours of rain soaked muddy trails Tyler jogged to the finish line in under 35 hours. It was a long day and after a burger and beer he was ready for an all night nap. Now that The Bear 100 is done I’m hoping that I can keep myself away from 100 miles races for the next few months! Have a fantastic week!

Chris Clemens
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara


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