Rotarian on the Road – The Retirement Home

Rotarian on the Road – The Retirement Home

Fellow Rotarians,
This week I’ve been hanging out with family in Prescott, Arizona while my van has been in and out of mechanic’s shops getting road ready for the summer. Each morning I’ve been setting my alarm, a rare occasion for me, in order to be up early to meet my grandfather and his breakfast buddies at the retirement home. We are a motley crew of guys and we enjoy good coffee, good food, and good stories. Spending time in a retirement home has been a great reminder of how fast life goes by and how important it is to follow my dreams today!
Have a fantastic week! See you all soon!

Chris Clemens
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara


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  1. Gunnar Thomer says:

    Hi Chris, What an amazing road trip you have done. Thank you for sharing.

    All my best, Gunnar

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