Rotarian On The Road – Locked Down On Koh Lanta

Rotarian On The Road – Locked Down On Koh Lanta

I came across this article “7 Reasons Young People Should Join Rotary” and found it very compelling. As someone who joined our Club in my mid-20’s, I can testify that Rotary was a positive influence on me as a young professional and has truly enriched my life over the past decade. Joining Rotary has definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

On the note of decisions I’ve made, I parked my truck-camper-home in North America last December and flew to Southeast Asia to spend the winter in tropical climates. As the pandemic spread around the globe, I made the decision to stay in this region, settling into a little beach bungalow on Koh Lanta, a laid-back island in Thailand. Since then the decisions have been more or less out of my control, the island has gone into lockdown much like the rest of the world, and Immigration has extended tourist visas to help stranded travelers. By no means am I complaining! I’m safe and healthy, my hosts have been taking care of me, making sure I have everything I need, delivering home cooked meals, and teaching me about local culture through experiencing daily life in a large Thai family. With so many unknowns in the world right now, I know one thing, that when all of this is over I’ll be coming out of the 2020 pandemic with a new Thai family!

My tourist visa has been extended through the end of July, so for now I’m planning to stay here, working each day from my laptop while lounging in a hammock on my patio, and walking barefoot down to the beach each evening to watch the sun set over the Andaman Sea. My “tentative plan” is to return to the United States sometime this summer and make my way back to Santa Barbara this fall. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again soon! Stay safe, and stay healthy!

Chris Clemens
“Rotarian On The Road”


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