President’s Letter – September 8, 2015

President’s Letter – September 8, 2015

The Santa Barbara Historical Street name of the day is Yannoali, Chief of one of the largest Chumash villages.  He perhaps also had authority over as many as 12 villages.  He was friendly with the Spanish and aided them in building the presidio.  He was one of the last to convert to Catholicism. That may have been because he had 3 or 4 wives. He kept one wife on Santa Cruz and another in the Santa Ynez Valley.  He died on April 4, 1805 at around 68 years old.  Yannaoli Street leads to the site of Yannoli’s village named Syukhtun that means “where two trails run”.  There is not a street named that in Santa Barbara.  That might have been another street that the Town Council would have had to change to an easier spelling to make it easier to pronounce.

Jennifer LeMert introduced our speaker Trudi Carey who gave us many insights into the Latest Building Designs and Trends nationally and locally.  National trends include, bringing the outside in with large sliding doors and furniture that suggests outdoors, buyers want 2 sinks in the bathroom, a kitchen island and a pantry, rough stone outside and hardwood floors inside.   Out of trend are formal dining rooms, garage storage units and solar panels are not seen to be worth waiting 10 years to recoup the cost.  Local trends are very dependent of new energy codes.  One interesting item is that now homes have to be highly sealed with no outside air coming in so builders have to tell buyers that they should open or crack a window often. There are also central fans built in new homes so ceiling fans are not needed.  Buyers want easy maintenance lawn, roller blinds, hardwood floors, sometimes two microwaves and they don’t care about ovens as fewer people are cooking.  New features include LED lights, electrical outlet for a wall mounted TV, no cable or phone lines into the house, electric car charger in garage and the ability to open the garage from a cell phone.

Kathleen Blake
Club President
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara


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