President’s Letter – September 28, 2015

President’s Letter – September 28, 2015

The Santa Barbara History for today is Quarnatina. An anglicized word from the Spanish “caurentena.  Caurentena can mean forty days, months or years.  In Santa Barbara it is probably meaning forty days.  Forty days was the usual isolation time for illnesses and plagues.  In the 1790’s there were two incidences of quarantines, one for scurvy and one for smallpox, brought in on ships.  The quarantine area was at the foot of Quarantina.  Some late 1700’s historical events included 1769, when Gaspar de Portola, who was the governor of Baja California passed through Santa Barbara on an overland trip to Monterey Bay, August 26, 1782 when the Royal Presidio of the Channel of Santa Barbara, last of four Presidio’s was established.  This presidio was to protect the land between two other presidios, one in Monterey and one in San Diego.  Then four years later on December 4, 1786 the Mission Santa Barbara was established.  Stay tuned for next week for an interesting street named for an interesting Chumash man in Santa Barbara history.

Wes St. Claire introduced our speaker Peter Jordano told about 100 years of business in Santa Barbara.  Peter Jordano, has a thriving local business.   Jordano’s employs nearly 600 individuals, with over $300 million in sales.   Peter has served on many local boards, has received numerous humanitarian awards, and has impacted countless lives through his service in our town and beyond.  Peter entertained us first with many give away items including, 805 Beer, Hoppy Poppy Beer, Bud Light with new aluminum bottles and  Green Star Fair Trade Coffee.  He told us many historical facts about the company.  Peter went on to tell us how integral services organizations, such as, Rotary and Elks are to a community and how Jordano’s specifically has been helped over the years by service club members.  His tips on how to survive 100 years included: 1) people; employees and customers should be treated with respect 2) When you call you get a live person answering the phone within two rings 3) Communication; especially with employees to update them on how the business in doing 4) Loyality to others, such as, Jordano’s has dealt with only 2 banks in 100 years and one law firm for the past 56 years 4) Willingness to change.  Jordano’s began with markets, expanded the sold all the markets and became a Food Service Company.  Jordano’s is the second largest independent broadline distributor in California and forty-fifth in the nation.  Where did it all begin?  706 State Street with a grocery store founded by Peter’s father and three uncles.

The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara awarded Peter Jordano with a Paul Harris award.  Thank you for 100 years of serving Santa Barbara!

Kathleen Blake
Club President
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara


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