President’s Letter – September 27, 2018

President’s Letter – September 27, 2018

I want to thank Jim Carberry for stepping in for me this past Friday. I understand he did a splendid job and even shared one of his famous Irish jokes. It must have felt like a throwback meeting with Jim leading us, just like he used to 20 years ago. Thanks again for stepping in Jim!

I also want to thank Carlos Cortez for organizing a well-attended and very organized Family Picnic recently. Many members and their families had a fun time playing games, getting tattoos, eating good food and socializing. Well done Carlos.

I also want to thank Dick Salogga for organizing our United Way Day of Caring group. Hendry’s Beach is even cleaner than was it before.

Speaker Presentation
Our speaker was Helen Fabian who is an employment law attorney. I understand she shared her knowledge of current trends in employment law and made a number of our retired business owners glad they are no longer dealing with employees, the State of California or the illogical regulations we must follow. Thank you Helen for making us scratch our head in disbelief and sharing with us what we need to do to avoid issues in our workplace.

This week we will hear from our own Stacey Lydon who will inform us on the UCSB Education Abroad Program. I imagine that after her presentation all of us will feel the need to have an international student living with us. Even if you have no intention of hosting an international student I urge you to attend this week and hear from Stacey about all of the important benefits her program offers to students of UCSB.

Supporting the upcoming 100 year gala event
I wanted to take a moment and share my support and enthusiasm for our upcoming 100-year anniversary gala on Saturday night October 20th. The committee has been working hard to organize a spectacular evening and to let everyone know how and where to sign up. This is an opportunity for our club to celebrate 100 years of rotary in our community and be proud of all that we have accomplished over the years. So please come and enjoy the wonderful food and drinks, the live band and dancing and the company of fellow Rotarians from our club and many other clubs. This promises to be an evening to remember and I want to urge everyone to sign up if you have not done so already. The early bird ticket price of $130 is going to expire soon so please go to our website and register for the event.

You’re President,
Mike Bieza


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