President’s Letter – October 7, 2015

President’s Letter – October 7, 2015

Fellow Rotarians,

The Santa Barbara History for today is Valerio.  Valerio Joseph was a Chumash Indian born at the Mission on August 6, 1792.  He did not like mission life and ran away and lived in a cave in the foothills.  A legend states that spirit helpers gave him supernatural powers, one of which, was to be invisible. Using his invisibility he could go to the pueblo where he took supplies and food for his survival.  After Valerio killed an Indian in 1827 he lost his powers.  Pueblo soldiers found his hideout he was surrounded by soldiers and Chumash Indians and killed. Twenty three years later he had a street named after him.  Some think it might be pointing to his hideout.


Make sure to read last Friday’s meeting notes, and interesting story from Club Historian George Goodall!

Kathleen Blake
Club President
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara


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