President’s Letter – October 30, 2018

President’s Letter – October 30, 2018

A big thank you to Robert Dibley for identifying the misplacement of our flag while leading the salute and Bill Dutton for providing the invocation. Our song was fiercely gonged after we again proved how poor of a singing group we are. At least we understand that for the benefit of the community we should not organize a Christmas Caroling group. A huge shout out needs to go to Matt Nehmer who successfully answered both of our World Series questions. He was then awarded a box of Moon Pies, which I noticed was empty by the end of the meeting. Retaining random nuggets of information does occasionally come in handy.

During the meeting, Kirk Greene presented yours truly with a Gnome dressed in a Dodger uniform for good luck. This kind gesture was greatly appreciated but the little Gnome’s mojo was not powerful enough to help the Dodger relief pitchers or hitters. As I write this message, our beloved Dodgers had already lost in the World Series to those pesky Red Sox. I imagine we may see Michael Baker wearing his team’s colors and reminding us the Yankees will have to keep waiting while his Red Sox win a few more championships.

It is time to start thinking about next year’s Board of Directors. Our bylaws require us to select three members from the general membership to join the Current President and President Elect in forming a Nominating Committee. This Nominating Committee then identifies and recommends next year’s Board of Directors (7/1/19 to 6/30/20). We selected six members on Friday and will reduce that to three members this Friday. If anybody has an interest in becoming more involved in the Board of Directors or committee chair positions please speak to someone on the Nominating Committee.

Upcoming Service Project
We will be participating in a Group 8 service project on Saturday 11/10/18, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at Direct Relief’s new home on Hollister in Goleta. The project involves packing parcels of food for shipment to a needy community and we are looking for 10-12 volunteers to join the other Rotary Clubs in our area. Contact Steve Milam to sign up or go to our website for more information.

Fireside Chat
In honor of our 100-year anniversary, we had the pleasure of inviting Norm Boyan to the Fireside. Norm is a 96-year-old scholar who spent many years as an educator at UCSB, Stanford and other fine schools after earning his Masters and Doctoral degrees at Harvard. We had the pleasure of reliving some moments in history through Norm’s experiences. Eating scrambled eggs for Thanksgiving during the Depression sheds a light on how different times were back then. Norm’s recollection of the horrible day that Pearl Harbor was attacked, to the Vietnam War, to some of the technological changes that have occurred over the years was very interesting. I loved the explanation for Norm’s longevity, always listen to your wife and heed her advice. Thank you for joining us Norm and we all hope to have as long and fruitful life that you are enjoying.

Joining us today was Autumn Shelton who spoke to us about the ever-changing Cannabis Industry. Now that Cannabis has been legalized for recreational use the industry is expected to grow tremendously. The State has segregated the industry into three different areas of focus: Growing, Distributing and Retailing. Autumn’s company “Autumn Brands” is involved in the growing and packaging of the product. It is fascinating to hear how a new industry develops and all of the regulations that must be put in place to protect the community and new business owners. Who knew that growing Cannabis meant you had to be a scientist and nimble with your cash flow, since banks are not accepting these businesses as customers yet. After everyone had a chance to look at the product from Autumn Brands and ask many questions we all adjourned to the back of Bob Hansen’s VW Bus and proceeded to sample the merchandise (just kidding).

Upcoming Presentation
Join us this Friday 11/2 for a conversation with George Powell from Skate One Corporation. George will share some stories with us of his 40+ years leading the skateboarding industry. George graduated from Stanford in Engineering and collaborated with Stacy Peralta to form the most dominant skateboard company in the industry. Skate One Corp with its manufacturing facility in Goleta has been innovating the skateboarding industry with riders like Tony Hawk since 1976. This presentation promises to be very interesting and will showcase a very prominent business in our community. See you there!

More thoughts on the Gala
I want to bring to everyone’s attention that pictures from the Gala are now available on link located through our website and provided by the generosity of our photographer Scott Gibson Photography. Thank you Scott for attending our Gala and providing such nice action pictures of the event!


I also want to thank two more people for their efforts in making the 100 Year Gala Party so successful. Teresa Thornburgh provided support with registrations and brought all of the centerpieces. Chris Clemens made sure we had an on line sign up process and advertised our event on our website and Facebook page. Along with all of our other volunteers, thank you Scott, Teresa and Chris for your efforts in making this event such a huge success!


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