President’s Letter – October 1, 2018

President’s Letter – October 1, 2018

What a fun and informative meeting we had this past week. Clearly, the highlight was watching Matt Nehmer answer five questions about things, events and people that are 100 years old. I loved his answer about Armistice day (11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918). His reward for being so intelligent was to receive a brick of Velveeta Cheese. I will let those of you who did not attend try and determine the meaning of this wonderful gift.

International Project Guatemala
Bill Dutton and Don Jack are organizing the annual trip to Guatemala for the 6th year in a row. They are now looking for volunteers to join them. This trip has become a stable of our club with a number of members joining them to make a difference in one of the poorest countries of the world. So, if you would like to help install stoves, water systems, solar lighting or help build a house please reach out to Bill or Don. The dates for the trip are 2/16/19 to 2/24/19.

100 Year Gala Party
Here is an update to our upcoming 100 year Gala Party on Saturday 10/20/18. A committee meeting was held following Friday’s luncheon. The event is coming soon and we are well prepared to host a fabulous event. There are 95 guests registered with a goal of 150 attendees so we are well on our way. Phone calls are continuing to spread the word to past members, members of other clubs and friends of rotary. Next week the committee will firm up the agenda for the event and continue fine tuning minor details while making sure all interested parties are contacted and invited. This event guarantees to be one of our most enjoyable activities we do as a club this year so don’t miss out of you have not signed up yet.

Speaker Presentation
This week we heard from our own Stacey Lydon who informed and educated us on the UCSB Education Abroad Program. She shared many important facts and quizzed us on our knowledge of the students going abroad and coming to our country. If I had it to do over again I would surely have taken advantage of this program when I was in college. I am not sure my first choice would have been available though as I would have requested Hawaii and learned all about swimming in the ocean and how to make a tropical Mai Tai. Thank you Stacey for making us aware of this wonderful college experience so we can make sure our children and grandchildren can take advantage of this opportunity.

Social Hour
This week’s social hour was a blast. We enjoyed a live band, fireplace and dancing at the Hilton Rooftop Grill. I recommend joining the group when you can as Diane and I really enjoyed ourselves, as did the other participants.

Next week we will hear from Barbara Tellefson of the Unity Shoppe and as we get closer to the holiday’s it will be nice to hear all that this organization is doing. Look forward to seeing you all again this Friday!

You’re President,
Mike Bieza
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara


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