President’s Letter – November 18, 2015

President’s Letter – November 18, 2015

A great new program for our club.  Remember to donate if you haven’t by sending an email to Teresa at and designate you gift “to the Foster Teens Scholarship Program.”  Always remember that you can give a gift to any of our programs at any time and remember to designate the gift and how you want to be billed, all at next billing or spread over the year.   You will be billed quarterly.  The Foundation Grant’s committee funds many worthy causes in our community for us using money from our Big Wheel and personal contributions by you as a club member.  Then we have a few grants that our in club committees work to have happen each year, such as, the Mayan Families in Guatemala from our International Committee, Foster Teens/Youth and others through fundraising and your generous donations or donations from non-club members you might persuade to join you in donating.


Kathleen Blake


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