President’s Letter – November 13, 2018

President’s Letter – November 13, 2018

We had a great start to the meeting with Bob Fatch leading the Flag Salute and Kathleen Blake providing the Invocation and a moment of silence for all those affected by the Camp Fire in Northern California, the shooting in Thousand Oaks and Woolsey Fire heading towards Malibu. Then the meeting took a wicked turn in the wrong direction. It started with the song, Sweet Caroline. Apparently, the Boston Red Sox like to sing Neil Diamond rather the take me out to the ballgame during the 7th inning stretch. Following the song, a confident and proud looking Michael Baker began handing out certificates of participation, juice boxes and granola bars to the Dodger and Angel fans. I suppose similar to AYSO everyone is a winner. Well Michael, enjoy that Red Sox World Series championship for now and relish the glory while you can.

Once the room settled back into some semblance of order we congratulated / fined Marshall Howen for his new granddaughter, Harbor Marie Stockoff and Matt Nehmer for the article in the Independent on innovations in education. We were again impressed with Julian Hradecky and Don Jack’s knowledge of 100-year-old trivia, which allowed them to take home the cherished Rotary globe as a prize.

A second round of contributions for our Foster Children Christmas Gift Program was coordinated by Steve Milam and after a number of members contributed (a special thank you to the Aldrich’s for their generosity). We were able to nearly reach our goal of $4,000 with $3,400 raised so far. These funds, along with the Powell Skateboards donated last week, will be used to buy gift cards for Christmas and fair tickets. After one more round of contributions, I am sure we will reach our goal this Friday and all of us should take pride in the difference we are making to help the lives of these vulnerable young people in our community.

Speaker Presentation

We had the pleasure of hearing from Katherine Crider from WaterAid America. Her talk was about the lack of sanitation available in many countries around the world. This was eye opening for many of us and the ramifications of this lack of sanitation are very problematic for these communities. As we celebrate International Toilet Day we are reminded that not all countries are able to provide proper water and sanitation to their communities which we take for granted in the U.S. (although some may question that some of those gas station rest rooms make you feel like you are visiting a third world country). Thank you Katherine for bringing this issue to our attention.

Please join us this week, as we will hear from Matt Dry about African Safari’s. He has been guiding trips for 10 years and will provide a dynamic photo experience that I am sure will make us want to plan that next great vacation.

Service Projects
This past weekend our club participated in a Group 8 service project called Santa Barbara Rotarians Against Hunger. There were 88 participants that showed up at Direct Relief to pack food packages for delivery to needy people and donate food to the local food bank. Our club tied with S B Sunrise for the most volunteers with 15 participants. Thank you Dean Axelrod and Steve Milam for assisting with coordinating this effort. We look forward to doing more events and service projects with the other Rotarians in the community.

Connie Green announced that she is coordinating the Salvation Army Bell Ringing this year. Signup sheets were at the tables and will be available at the next few meetings as well. This is great way to do a small volunteer effort with one hour shifts available. Please see Connie Green for details.


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