President’s Letter – November 11, 2015

President’s Letter – November 11, 2015

What a wonderful celebration at the Rotary club meeting on November, 6, 2015.  We were a treated to stories from our veterans who were present.  Many stories were funny, such as, obtaining needed supplies should be left up to your clerk, not by going through order forms and the “way it should be”.  Or a story of how to get a sports car sent home from Europe, meeting the girl friend with a promise of marriage.  Somehow the car never made it to the states.  Or another was how to get a job you thought you wanted and ending up volunteering for another tour of duty in Iraq.  I wish you all could have been there.  Great Stories.   I put in my two cents and told of being a “Navy Brat” for 23 years of my life.  Step-father Jack Brock was a Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic in the US Navy.  In his last stint he repaired helicopters in Vietnam.  I was also married to a Navy Lt. helicopter (H-46) pilot who served in Japan going into the Vietnam circle to supply ships and do emergency rescues.  Dennis and George did a great job keeping the meeting moving along with wonderful memories shared by all our Vets.  Thank you all so much.


Kathleen Blake
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara


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