President’s Letter – March 6, 2019

President’s Letter – March 6, 2019

Earlier this month we asked two of our incoming board members to predict the water level in Lake Cachuma on 2/28/19.  Our eternal optimist Jennifer Lemert won the contest with a guess of 57.2% compared to our club pessimist Don Jack putting in a guess of 56.0% (actual was 62.4%).  Jennifer won a backpacking filtration water bottle and every member who attended Friday’s meeting won, because Don led us in the Flag Salute and delivered a memorable Invocation about rainfall and recovery from the Thomas Fire burn scars that are now greening up the landscape.  For our song we enjoyed celebrating John Rasmussen turning 90 years young during a rendition of Happy Birthday that would have made the Beatles proud, which was followed with some wonderful birthday cake.

Paul Musgrove brought a dozen bug eating free-range eggs from his farm that his 13 chickens and 1 rooster happily produced for us.  Dean Axelrod outbid a feverish crowd and was the lucky recipient as was the S B Rotary Foundation for his generous $25 contribution.  In an effort to continue our 2nd half theme of looking forward and to keep having as much fun as possible, another contest has been established for next Friday’s meeting.  Our next two Presidents, Dean Axelrod and Stacey Lydon will face off in a match of creativity.  Each will have 2 ½ minutes to describe what the World will look like in 100 years.  The one with the most votes from the audience earns a special prize.  I for one am really looking forward to this contest of creative thinking and looking forward.

Blood drive on Friday 3/29
District Training is on Saturday 3/30 in Oxnard and all members are invited to attend.  See Dean Axelrod if you are interested.

Teacher Presentation
We were introduced to another amazing teacher in our community.  Robert “Bob” Thomas works with the special needs children at Santa Barbara Jr. High School.  His Principal Lito Garcia was proud to mention the attributes that make Bob such a valuable asset to their school.  We can all feel good about our financial contributions making a difference when we hear that Bob is going to use the funds towards adding some specific teaching tools geared towards the special needs children he works with.     

Speaker Presentation
Joining us today was Judy Larsen who holds the R. Anthony Askew Chair in Art at Westmont College.  Judy has an exhibit running at the Ridley-Tree Museum of Art at Westmont called “Watershed: Contemporary Landscape Photography”.  She showed us vivid and thought provoking photographs from famous photographers.  We were all fascinated with the difference in styles between the various photographer’s and reminded of the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words.  Thank you for opening our eyes and minds Judy.

Fireside Chat
Of course, we invited John Rasmussen up to the Fireside to learn a little more about this Iowa born and bred Rotarian.  John spent his first 35 years working in the farming industry before moving to Santa Barbara.  He has a daughter in Temecula, a son in Oregon and has been a proud Rotarian for many years.  John is happy to proclaim that the best part of Rotary is creating the long lasting friendships of fellow Rotarians and Tom Brashears seconded that comment.  We can all hope that we make as many quality friendships through Rotary as John has.  Thank you for joining us at the Fireside on your birthday John!    


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