President’s Letter – March 28, 2018

President’s Letter – March 28, 2018

Nothing like a trip abroad guided by fellow Rotarians!  That’s what It felt like last week in Rodney’s at the DoubleTree.  But more in a moment.  Our Sergeant-at-Arms was again Michael Baker, he fought valiantly to keep the mics moving, despite one of them being kaput.  Invocation was given by Todd McGinley.  His tankard runneth over, as we should all humbly ask for each day.  The flag salute went smoothly and the song led by Kathleen Blake gave us one voice, lifted to The Four-Way Test sung to the tune of “When the Saints Come Marching In.”

The Sarge took a few moments to give us some new information about our members, with a real surprise coming from Dan Aldrich IV and Jim Armstrong.  It seems Dan is descended from Superman (we all knew that) and Jim reported directly to one of the most lovable bosses in the World.

Things went wildly fine during fine time.  I repeat last week- “Teresa hasn’t given me the tally yet, but it seems to me a few cards bit the dust and others look like Swiss cheese.”  A few announcements kept the Sarge busy.  Sports Day is slated for April 20 and will take place at Zodo’s- yes, we are going to roll.  Join in for some bowling, feel free to give a nod to The Dude; Jellies, robes and sunglasses welcome.

Stepping back and looking at the big picture, this is one of SBRC’s forests.  Members of our Club plan this trip, carefully nurturing progress of the many steps necessary to make so much happen, smoothly.  Everything necessary for our group to go each year is an ever-ongoing process.  Bill Dutton and Don Jack took turns walking us through a video and stills to see what they and the rest of our roster saw, did and accomplished on this most recent journey.  If not presenting, the rest of the crew was present and wearing their yellow Rotary vests.

Our own members are at it again this Friday as we get an update from Douglas Bowman and John Mullen on HOW International.  We’ve done a pretty good job of keeping track of this organization over the years and it’s always good to hear of any new initiatives they undertake.  See you this Friday!

Michael Gardner
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara


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