President’s Letter – March 26, 2019

President’s Letter – March 26, 2019

After settling into the Sierra Madre Ballroom Bob Fatch got us started with the flag salute and Julian shared a humorous backwards looking invocation that had us laughing and wishing we could live our lives in reverse order.  The Doobie Brothers made an appearance and we enjoyed some “Black Water” that survived the gong.

Lake Cachuma Fundraiser
We changed the rules for our Lake Cachuma fundraiser to allow existing participants the chance to amend their guess and enroll all of our members.  The current % capacity in Lake Cachuma is 76.4% and the big questions is what will it be on 3/31/19.  The winner will receive some valuable water oriented prizes and bragging rights.  Funds collected go to help the club balance the budget and may the best visionary win!            

Fireside Chat
Well the tables were turned in this version of the Fireside Chat.  After offering Michael Baker the opportunity to be the interviewer, he immediately identified his victim.  You see Dan Aldrich interviewed Michael previously as we discovered his high school prank of wearing a skirt to school in protest of their dress code.  So, in an attempt to discover similar dirt on one of his fellow members, Michael grabbed the mike and we dug deep into the world of Dan Aldrich.  Some of the more visual memories from the interview include: Dan’s job is basically to be a junkyard dog, he has been known to misjudge the figure of non-pregnant women, which can lead to a painful slap, and his son is going to be the next Andre Agassi. All kidding aside Dan has a long history of being a proud and giving Rotarian with a lovely wife, three great kids, a successful career, and a large extended family nearby to create memories and celebrate with.  We should all be so lucky.  Dan congratulations for surviving the Michael Baker investigations and for sharing your life with us.

Speaker Presentation
Joining us to share his knowledge of a potentially huge new advancement in technology was Bjorn Simundson who is also the brother in law of Dan Aldrich.  We learned about a new technology that is in the development stages, which will improve the efficiency of HVAC systems by reducing the heat emitted from the unit from 400 degrees to 150 degrees.  Additionally, this technology can be used to extract purified water from air during the dehumidifying process.   These advancements are possible due to the creation of newly developed Desiccants that perform the primary function during this process.  The company Bjorn is involved with is called “Clear Materials” and they are continuing to research the most effective way to implement these new technologies.  Bjorn shared a vision of offering water solutions in parts of the world where it is not readily available and assisting with reducing the temperature in larger cities through improvements to HVAC systems running constantly.  Who knows if this will turn out to be the next technological breakthrough like the LED light but I am glad to hear that smart people like Bjorn are trying to discover better ways to do things.


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