President’s Letter – March 18, 2019

President’s Letter – March 18, 2019

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, we had a couple of Irishmen lead us in the Flag Salute (Jim Carberry) and invocation (Todd McGinley).  Thank you gentlemen, please honor your home countries famous Saint with a cold beer and hot corned beef on Sunday.   After handing out fines to Jim Armstrong for skiing in the French Alps, Steve Petersen for celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary and Roger Drue for having too much fun with fast cars and traveling in retirement we got down to business.

It is not often that we get to celebrate one of our own but today we honored our friend and fellow Rotarian Bill Dutton with the prestigious “Service Above Self Award”. Wade Nomura shared with us the true meaning of this very significant award with only 12 other Rotarians from our district receiving this recognition.  Sandy Schwarz joined Wade in celebrating with us as we toasted with some Santa Barbara Cider in Bill’s honor.  His wife Bonnie made a surprise appearance and after a standing ovation, Bill proved why he is deserving of this award showing his humility and compassion as he continues to make positive difference for others in the world. Congratulations Bill, Rotary International could not have made a better choice.

Well we had round two of our contest of creativity with the Baker Brothers, Michael and Steve facing off.  Their question was “What will Rotary look like in 100 years”. Both executed hilarious presentations with Steve Baker predicting that we will have personal avatars attend meetings in our absence and Michael Baker dropping the mike with his Munchkin slide.  Both were victors in a tight unverified vote with the ultimate winners being all of us who enjoyed every minute of it.    

Just because we like to have fun, we are having another contest.  The person who can guess the percentage capacity of Lake Cachuma on 3/31/19 will receive some valuable water oriented prizes.  Due to a lack of participation thus far, I am changing the rules for this contest.  Now the cost to enter is $20 for everyone and if you voted already you can change your guess.  If you put in a pick for $40 this last week, you can change your contribution to $20 or make two picks.  Of course using my Presidential powers allows me the opportunity to involuntarily volunteer all of our membership to join.  That’s right if you do not pick a number one will be assigned to you anyway and you will be joyously entered into the contest.  Funds collected go to the Club and may the best visionary win.      

Speaker Presentation
We had an opportunity to hear from one of our local Law Enforcement Officer’s today.  Greg Hons recently retired from active duty and is now a Reserve Officer after having served as SWAT Team Leader, Foot Patrol on State St., Bike Patrol and Property Crimes Detective among other positions. He shared with us how the SWAT team operates in Santa Barbara including what types of situations they deal with.  Listening to Greg explain dangerous situations from the perspective of the Police Officer reminds us how difficult a job they have.  We had an opportunity to ask a variety of questions and nobody was arrested following the meeting.  I was just a little disappointed because we did not get to shoot any weapons or drive the new 18,000 pound black Lenco Bearcat used on crisis negotiation situations.  After hearing from Greg I know we will be well protected if a situation develops that requires the Police to assist.



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