President’s Letter – March 11, 2019

President’s Letter – March 11, 2019

Gunnar got us started by leading us in the Flag Salute and Pamela was poised and captivating as she delivered our invocation. In honor of the recent academy awards and just because it is a fun thing to do we stomped, clapped and sang our way through “WE WILL ROCK YOU” by Queen. We then accepted a few voluntary fines from Davis Darnall for becoming a world-traveling skier, Dean Axelrod for helping Dos Pueblos H.S. win the county Mock Trial, and Neil Steadman for reminding us how valuable friendships are as he bestowed a nice bottle of wine upon his longtime Rotarian friend Tom Brashears.

If you recall last week Dean and Stacey involuntarily volunteered to share with the club what the world will look like in 100 years. Dean spent countless hours preparing his PowerPoint presentation and even engaged the assistance of his high school daughter. He then delivered a hilarious fast paced description of a rather scary looking future and to the surprise of most everyone was able to finish within 2 ½ minutes.

Stacey then took us on her journey looking forward and the laughter continued. Her high tech presentation and speed talking ability was able to sway the crowd in her favor and she walked away proudly with the Moon Pies.

Next week we will have another round of looking forward with Rotarian brothers Michael and Steve Baker answering the question “What will Rotary look like in 100 Years?”

Just because we like to have fun, we are having another contest. The person who can guess the percentage capacity of Lake Cachuma on 3/31/19 will receive some valuable water oriented prizes. The cost to enter increases at each of the next two meetings with our winner decided at the end of the month. Teresa is sending out an email to describe the contest in more detail so please respond to enter the contest. Funds collected go to the Club and may the best visionary win.

Speaker Presentation
Today’s topic was very thought provoking and delivered beautifully by Westmont Professor Jeffrey Schloss. He discussed the Origin of the Universe from both a scientific and spiritual perspective. Scientifically it is truly amazing that all of the elements required to sustain life on Planet Earth actually do just that. With some vivid pictures of deep space, colorful stars and the solar system to support his discussion, we wondered how the Universe was created. Dr. Schloss suggests that due to all of the scientific requirements to sustain life this in itself suggests a higher being is necessary to orchestrate everything. After exercising our minds for 30 minutes, we were all exhausted and had to adjourn to less strenuous activities like an early social hour or returning to work.


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