President’s Letter – June 25, 2019

President’s Letter – June 25, 2019

Connie Green got our meeting started with the flag salute, which was followed by Jennifer Lemert eloquently sharing a prayer focused on a word I had never heard before Diakonia (dee-ah-koh-nee-yah). Her invocation was moving and one of the highlights of the meeting, even though we adjourned shortly after she was finished (just kidding Jennifer). Davis was able to gong the song he prepared which was very appropriate since this was his last time that he will be presenting a song for our meetings.

I think we were able to fine nearly every member at the meeting including Robert Dibley with a nine card fine. This jovial sharing of stories was energetic, humorous and informative and everyone’s favorite part of the meeting as we learned more about each other’s interests and recent accomplishments.

I want to apologize to Dan Herlinger for omitting him when we recognized the incoming board members. This was not my first mistake nor will it be my last so please do not take my omission personally Dan. We look forward to many new and exciting adventures from the incoming Board as Dean takes the gavel on July 1st. Thank you Pamela Galvin, Steve Milam and Steve Petersen for your service on the Board this past year.

Joining us today was Janet Reineck who leads the energetic non-profit business “World Dance for Humanity”. Janet has been with us before and it was nice to hear that this organization is still going strong. Last year they were able to raise a little over $250,000 for relief aid in Rwanda. What is even more amazing is that this organization is able to engage directly with the recipients by traveling and delivering their aid personally. In fact, one of our own rotary members, Mike Walker has participated a few times and will be going again this year along with Don Jack.

The organizations funds are raised from many local citizens who participate in dance classes and public performances that Janet coordinates. I personally saw them joyously dancing up State Street at the Solstice Parade with the help of the rock band Queen. Our Santa Barbara Rotary Foundation generously provided a $1,000 donation towards their efforts and we all wish Mike and Don well as they head to Rwanda to try and make a positive difference in the world.

I want to thank everyone in the club for their support. It has truly been an honor to lead the Friday meetings over this past year. While I will miss the gonging of the song and the Fireside Chat’s it will be nice to sit down and eat lunch with all of you again. Your friendship and support is much appreciated.

Mike Bieza
Club President 2018-2019


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