President’s Letter – June 18, 2019

President’s Letter – June 18, 2019

Bob Fatch kicked our meeting off with the flag salute and Dean Axelrod entertained us with a lighthearted poem about a lady with a pink dress and purple hat.  The meeting was lightly attended which is proof that summer has arrived along with the long overcast days that mark this time of year.  We had a little fun with the Cubs / Dodgers rivalry by wagering $20 on the outcome of the weekend series with the proceeds going to the club.  These two teams are sure to meet in the postseason so this series will likely be a prelude to more fun later.  Michael Baker offered a full card for receiving a Red Sox tie from Dick Salogga.  Even though Dick says he is out of ties, I think he has a hidden storage locker full of ammunition to use as necessary.  By the way, Dick if you have a Dodger tie I will gleefully pay a full card for it.

In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, we played a game of name that Famous Father.  Prizes of cigars, barbeque cooking tools, one of Dick Salogga’s ties and a bottle of fine Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey were awarded to members who identified these Famous Fathers.  Even though Michael Baker has a hard time with how this holiday is celebrated, I hope all of us took the time to celebrate and remember our own Fathers this weekend.

District Step Down is on Saturday evening 6/29 in Moorpark and our own Bill Dutton will be receiving the “Service Above Self Award”.  Everyone is encouraged to attend and support Bill as he receives this well-deserved highly esteemed Rotary International honor. REGISTER HERE

The District Conference is in Santa Ynez on Saturday October 12th and will focus on the wineries in the valley.  If you intend on going and staying the night now is the time to make your reservations. REGISTER HERE

Fireside Chat
Joining Michael Baker at the Fireside today was Bill Dutton, who will soon be honored by Rotary International for his tireless and heroic Rotarian efforts over the years.  We learned that Bill grew up in Hollywood and spent 35 years at the American Red Cross before retiring not long ago.  Bill was the President of our club in 2006/2007 and his most proud accomplishment is achieving the membership growth goal of + 1 during his tenure.  He is also very proud of leading our club’s resurgence to more international efforts.  With his leadership, we were able to acquire an ambulance and donate it to a needy Mexican community.  He continues that effort today by coordinating the Guatemala trip each year, which is on its 6th anniversary.  I was amused by the description of Bill’s worst job in his life, which was working at a glass factory.  Waking up in the middle of the night fearing sheets of glass are falling down on you does sound rather unnerving.  Bill I do not recommend you build a greenhouse in your yard because an earthquake will absolutely occur the moment you enter this house of horrors. Bill thank you for your 41 years of Rotarian service and we look forward to hearing more stories of proud accomplishments from you going forward.         

What a treat today as one of our own Todd McGinley educated us on the fine art of making Bourbon Whiskey.  Todd has long had an interest in how to turn corn, rye, barley and water into one of our more enjoyable libations.  He traveled to Kentucky recently and toured the distilleries that have a proud tradition of making the finest Whiskey in the world.  It was fascinating to hear how the mash develops and is run through a still to produce the raw alcohol that eventually is aged in charred White Oak barrels for seven years.  Kentucky is the proud birthplace of Bourbon Whiskey and has carved out its niche in the world very similar to the wine industry in France.  After hearing how this fine libation is made we were treated to samples and Todd was enthusiastically applauded for his presentation although I am not sure if the samples allowed us to be even more joyous that normal.  If you were not able to make this presentation, I am sure Todd would be willing to share his knowledge with you at one of our social hours in the future.  Thank you Todd for sharing your wisdom with us and converting a number of Rotarians into Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey lovers.

I look forward to seeing you all next week as I lead my last regular meeting.  While I look forward to handing the gavel to Dean, I will miss the fun banter and joviality that has made Friday my most enjoyable day of the week.


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