President’s Letter – July 31, 2018

President’s Letter – July 31, 2018

I call this the getting ready for Fiesta meeting.  We had some fun with cascarones (confetti eggs) and answering questions about things and people 100 years old again.  Bob Fatch is to be commended for greeting our members and leading us in the flag salute but not for cracking a cascarone over my head.  Dean Axelrod had us recite the four-way test rather than lead an invocation and I must admit we need a little practice because many of us were unable to remember the four principals.  Michael Baker had some fun with Robert Dibley in the fake news segment.  I think due to Robert unfairly gonging the song.  Not to worry Davis I played your perfectly selected song at the conclusion of the meeting.
Our guests were Gilligan (played by Paul Musgrove) and our speaker John Banzhaf. We fined Marlee King for winning an orchestra cruise on the Condor Express during KLITE’ s morning show as a caller.  Therefore, those really cool tickets that you thought were free now ended up costing you a card. On a couple of serious notes, Jon Wilson deserves our sympathy as he had a double knee replacement recently and is recovering.  Jon good luck in your rehabilitation and we look forward to seeing you again soon.  To provide motivation during your rehab we would all love to see you dancing at our 100-year gala party in late October.
Steve Milam made a wonderful announcement about the efforts our club puts forth with the meals on wheels program.  We have three routes of volunteers from our club and need someone to step up and volunteer, as there is an opening on one of the routes.  This is one of the oldest and most worthy volunteer activities our club does and I implore one of us to step up and make a difference in many of our senior’s lives.  Please give Steve a call if you are able to provide 1-2 hours every 5 weeks.
Our latest version of the Fireside Chat allowed us to become acquainted with Gunner Thomer.  He hails from the town of Ostersund, on the Island of Froson, in the county of Jamtland, Sweden.  I should have just said he is a Viking.  Gunnar is a marketing consultant and you can tell he really enjoys this field.  His hope is to replace Amazon with physical retail shops and salespeople that can assist buyers of goods to make better choices.  Gunnar is married to Linda, and her youngest daughter, Julia, lives in LA, where she is a creative writer and she also does stand-up comedy. His stepdaughter Grace is is co-owner of a local restaurant, The Little Kitchen, here in Santa Barbara. Gunnar has been President of the Stockholm Old Town Rotary Club, then Assistant Governor in the same District, and in 2010 he created the first Club Roster for the Montecito Rotary Club (Teresa, should we nominate Gunnar for Club Roster duties for next year?!). Gunnar we hope to see you at more meetings and thank you for sharing your personal interests with us.
Our speaker was John Banzhaf who is a professor of law and a champion for public interest law.  It was very interesting to hear about his desire to pick up the torch and defend causes that need a voice.  John was successful in raising awareness of the dangers of smoking by forcing the fairness doctrine on the television industry.  He challenged us to pick up the torch on installing locks on school classrooms, which our board will discuss at the next meeting.  John sounds like he came from a John Grisham novel as he has supported so many appropriate causes over the years.

Finally, we all look forward to an amazing time at our Rotary Fiesta Parade event at Pacific Premier Bank next Friday.  Doors open at 12:30 for a taco bar, Cadillac Margaritas, beer and soft drinks provided by Los Arroyos and cascarones provided by the school children in our area.  Arrive early and relax in the chairs outside of our office then eat, drink and be merry while the parade entertains all.  Please remember to sign up on our rotary website so we can get an accurate count for our caterer.

Viva La Fiesta!
Your Presidente,
Mike Bieza

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