President’s Letter – July 24, 2019

President’s Letter – July 24, 2019

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Are you as excited as I am about this Friday’s meeting being held at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden? I’ve lived in Santa Barbara for more than five years and haven’t visited this acclaimed attraction. I remember shortly after my family moved to Tokyo when I was nine years old, my mother said that we had to make a point of visiting the tourist attractions and the cultural sites because people who live in a place often put off doing and seeing the things that make the place special.  It is easy to say, “I live here — I can do that later.” Then, later never seems to come. I’ve been guilty of that during my years in Santa Barbara and it has kept me from experiencing the Santa Barbara life to the fullest.

Putting off doing things (thinking that there will be time for them later) might be getting in the way of my experiencing my Rotary life to the fullest, too. It is easy to put off getting involved in service projects, planning activities with other club members, or serving on a committee. I’m so busy, after all! It can be tempting to skip a weekly meeting because of other things in our lives. I’ve realized that each time I skip a meeting or pass on a club activity, I am cheating myself of the chance to experience the Rotary life to the fullest. 

The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara has more great programs in the works, service projects being planned, and social opportunities coming up this year. I won’t be able to do everything, but I am making a point of participating a little more outside of weekly meetings. The corporate play date at the Boys and Girls Club sounds like fun! I hope you are all living your Rotary life to the fullest. If you aren’t, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy the life.

See you Friday at the Garden!
Best regards,


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