President’s Letter – July 24, 2017

President’s Letter – July 24, 2017

“What a time it was, a time of innocence, a time of consequences…”


A sleeve of Pro V1s to whoever answers where that line came from.  Without Googling it.


The bell rang from its perch on a tall table, table courtesy of our ever-present Peter.  We are so fortunate to have the people that take care of us and we told them so during our meeting.  Thanks to Jennifer LeMert for an inspirational thought followed by a right proper invocation.  I put Mike Baker on the spot to lead the Pledge which he did with aplomb.  “Getting to Know You” took on new meaning with an explanation of the tune by Don Jack.  I am known to quote Rogers and Hammerstein at work.  “He polished up the handle so carefully that now he is the ruler of the Queen’s Navy!”  We had all kinds of guests as noted below.  I was particularly pleased to have the Salvation Army represented.


Announcements galore!  Again, we heard from the Salvation Army; be ready to bell ring.  And, we had an Annual Family Picnic date update- September 29, mark your calendars.  Katarina is hosting our guests from Brazil for a bit of Happy Hour & meet and greet this coming Wednesday, July 26.  Viva la Fiesta!  We have a sweet spot for the parade.  Everyone acknowledged receiving word of our District Governor John Weiss’s diagnosis and treatment plan.  We all journey with John and know he will travel well.


Our program was our own member Jon Wilson, backed by an impressive chorus he brought to enlighten us on the difference his organization, The Turner Foundation, a public non-profit, has made on the West Side of Santa Barbara.  His story was near to me as I lived on the West Side when I first moved to Santa Barbara and immediately found my safety imperiled by the events of the time.  Jon’s done a lot to fix that, with dedicated help and the support of his wife, Patty.  There’s no way there could have been enough time in an entire day to hear everything these folks have done to make a difference and answer their personal calling in our world.  Jon, thank you.


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