President’s Letter – January 8, 2019

President’s Letter – January 8, 2019

Our first Rotary meeting of 2019 proudly began with Carlos Cortez leading us in the flag salute. Bill Dutton followed with a respectful invocation reminding us to think of rotary principals as we go about our daily lives. We actually made it through the song and rather enjoyed hearing John Denver lead us in “Take Me Home Country Roads”. Nice selection Davis!

100-Year-Old Trivia
While I am sad to say goodbye to reminiscing about people and things that are 100 years old it is time to start looking forward. In that light, let us begin with projecting the winners of the NFL football playoffs. At our luncheon, each member was provided a sheet to record their picks. There will be a $5 fine for each incorrect pick and the winner with the most correct guesses after the super bowl will win 50% of the pot with the remainder being retained by the club. This is just the start of our looking forward campaign with many more twists and turns to come.

We learned from Bill Dutton that he and George Goodall joined Wade Nomura in the taping of a show describing the history of Rotary in Santa Barbara. This show will air on cox channel TVSB in the near future and will be sure to share the exact time once it is known.

Fireside Chat
Well now, this was an interesting chapter in our ongoing episodes of the Fireside Chat. We were honored to invite a surprised and somewhat frightened Teresa Thornburgh up to the Fireside. The audience immediately sat up straighter and was eager to hear some personal stories from our beloved Club Administrator. After slamming back a shot of Patron, Teresa settled down nicely and we got down to business.

We learned that Teresa grew up in Santa Barbara and was a typical tomboy that also learned to play the piano. She would continue playing piano into her college years so clearly she is quite accomplished (I need to step in here and applaud the first person that is able to use this knowledge to our advantage in the future). We also learned that in addition to making sure our club operates efficiently Teresa does the same for Coleman Carpet Cleaning. Staying organized is one of Teresa’s greatest strengths and we are all the beneficiaries of her efforts. As if this is not enough to keep her busy Teresa decided, this was a good time to push herself by running in a half marathon. Way to demonstrate the Rotary theme “Be the Inspiration”! We are all with you in spirit Teresa as you push yourself in all those grueling training runs but you are on your own on race day as you feel the pain of an uphill mile 13 and the joy of the endorphins following the race.

Although keeping the Rotary club and other businesses organized, is a valuable profession, when Teresa looks back on her career she is proud to say the most important job she has ever had is being a mother. Her proud dedication to family resonated with everyone in a passionate description of how meaningful this role is in our society. She shared her belief that the constant burden of worry carried by parents is unnecessary because our kids are resilient and will make us proud. We were all sitting on the edge of our seats as Teresa described why the most significant responsibility we will have during our lifetime is the role of a parent. It comes, as no surprise that when asked what she would like to accomplish before she leaves the earth Teresa says she would like to spend time with her future grandchildren.

Speaker Presentation
Dr. Elizabeth Stewart joined us and shared the story of her book “Top Ten Objects Your Kids Don’t Want”. Elizabeth, who is a proud former member of our club, helped us understand that all of those invaluable artifacts that have been handed down from prior generations are actually rather worthless in your children’s eyes. That’s right, the china, silverware, ornate pieces of furniture and other family heirlooms actually have no place in your children’s homes either. Good luck selling most of this stuff on the open market too. So go ahead and keep paying for that storage locker in the hopes that someday your children will come to their senses and see the value in these wonderful family heirlooms that must have been functional in their day. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your knowledge of antiques and for reminding us to clean out the closet. You can find her book on her website

Upcoming Events
On Friday 1/11/19 we will hear from Mrs. Debbie Louke. She is from lead Up International and her topic is Youth Leadership Skills.
On Friday 1/18/19 we will go on a site visit to the new Direct Relief International property in Goleta.


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