President’s Letter – January 30, 2018

President’s Letter – January 30, 2018

Fellow Rotarians,

Well, we had another great meeting with the regular stuff, Teacher Recognition, a community fundraising effort and another great program. Don’t miss out on the news! Thanks to Bill Dutton for handling Sargent-at-Arms duty. Steve Petersen gave a lovely invocation. Mike Baker led the Pledge of Allegiance and we were off and running. Visiting Rotarians included Jarrett Dutra and Ashlyn Cavaletto with SB Rotaract. Tim Evered with North U Rotary Club of Houston, Texas joined us. And, Kirk Greene from Seattle rounded out of visitors. Our guests included Marshall Howen, Director of Operations at Providence, a Santa Barbara Christian School, guest of Marlee King. Bob Fatch brought Christian North, a Financial Manager interested in our club. Our honored teacher Shannon Saleh was accompanied by her colleague Melissa Ewart and school Principal David Ortiz. Steven Keithley of SBCEO was in attendance. Of course, our speaker, Marsha Bailey of Women’s Economic Venture was present. Finally, Bob Hanson was accompanied by Sally and Bruce Hanson.

After a few fines and announcements, the floor was the domain of Mike Bieza, handling Teacher Recognition for the quarter. The worthy recipient is Ms. Shannon Saleh from La Colina Junior High School. She was eloquently introduced by Principal David Ortiz; this chap really has a mastery of language and a presence. Ms. Saleh can apparently do just about anything, and one of the things she is going to do better is direct musical performances while playing the piano while her other arms manage back-of-stage; she is using our gift to buy a wireless headset for these performances.

There is no question that community topic number one is the catastrophic effects of the Thomas Fire and Mudslide events that have befallen our area. Our recurring visitor, Kirk Greene of Seattle, kick-started a fundraiser with proceeds going to both the American Red Cross and Direct Relief organizations. Bill Dutton and Dean Axelrod, representing the recipient organizations, were on hand to encourage the giving. We’ll have a report at our meeting this week and all are encouraged to continue the giving by donating your checks directly at the meeting.

Our Program Speaker was Marsha Bailey. Marsha is the President, CEO, and Founder of Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV). She has 30 years of experience in women’s business development and micro-lending. In 2017, Bailey was inducted into the South Coast Business Times’ Business Hall of Fame. Marsha turned her topic to encompass many of the impacts recent events have had on all small businesses in and around Santa Barbara and Ventura. This presentation was particularly informative and timely. We thank our presenter and the Programs Committee for their continued efforts.

Program this coming week, on Groundhog Day, promises to keep us on a roll. Architect Ken Minor spent 25 years building a wooden sailboat in a barn next to his house. In the late eighties, architect Ken Minor bought the plans to build a 30ft Bristol Channel Cutter wooden sailboat. His dream was to sail around the world. In 1991, he began construction on the boat in his backyard. He even built a barn by himself to house the operation. There isn’t one square inch of the boat that Ken hasn’t constructed by hand, helped design, or installed himself. Everything is custom. There are parts and materials on the boat from around the world. The vessel has been moved to the harbor and is ocean worthy. Did I mention that Ken is our own Teresa Thornberg’s dad? We’ll view the documentary, “The Boatmaker.” You won’t want to miss this presentation!

Please- come a little early so we can start right on time. Ken gets all of the prez time this week.

Michael Gardner
President, Rotary Club of Santa Barbara


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