President’s Letter – January 22, 2020

President’s Letter – January 22, 2020

Dear friends,

It was wonderful to be with all of you last Friday at the Santa Barbara YMCA. Thanks to our own Margo Byrne and Craig Prentice for sharing about the history of the Y in Santa Barbara, and for bringing us up to date on current programming. Since January is Vocational Service Month with Rotary, we were also treated to a quick summary of Margo’s and Craig’s paths up through service at the Y. Cheers to Juan Ramos for leading us all in the Tarzan song/chant/call and repeat. It felt like I was back at summer camp!

I have a special request that I mentioned at the meeting – are you willing to serve on an ad-hoc committee to determine the focus of our District Designated Fund (DDF) grant application for 2020-21? We have $2,417 waiting for us in DDF. We need to determine a project or program where it can be used, and we must commit to raising money to match it. Grant applications are due at the end of March, so we have some time to discuss potential recipients and get the application together.

In 2019-20, we received DDF for a tutoring project in Guatemala through our friends at Mayan Families. Many other local clubs use the funds for scholarships, essay contests, support of local community programs, small events, and many more. Where would you like to see us use this money in 2020-21? Join the committee! We will meet via email, and if necessary, in person to determine our focus and complete the grant application.

See you on Friday!

Stacey Lydon


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