President’s Letter – February 5, 2020

President’s Letter – February 5, 2020

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Team trivia is a lot of fun. The really strong teams are large enough to have a diverse range of experience and interests. The best teams have players who willing to put ego aside, and feed each other’s creativity, listen to each other, and put having fun at the top of their list of priorities. Great trivia teams have a lot in common with great Rotary clubs.

At the beginning of this Rotary year we had conversations that generated ideas about how to make the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara vibrant, strong, and enduring. We listened to each other and focused first on serving the diverse needs and interests of current members. We have been successful in attracting great programs speakers on a variety of topics as diverse as the interests of our members. We brought down the cost of lunches. We have streamlined our administrative functions. We have had more off site meetings. We are getting a shot of fun from our Fun Committee, with even more fun and fellowship in the works. It has been a great year so far.

I am very grateful to the members of our wonderful club for helping to maintain the club’s strengths and finding new ways to have fun together and to be of service. The club is as strong as the collective effort of its members—thank you for your efforts.

As always, I am looking forward to seeing all of you on Friday, and finding out what dirt Michael has dug up!

Warmest regards,


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