President’s Letter – February 5, 2019

President’s Letter – February 5, 2019

Paul Musgrove got us started with the Flag Salute and Steve Milam provided thoughtful words of remembering rotary values as you go about your daily lives. Our song was from the Monkey’s as we belted out the lyrics to “Believer” which helped us all get the blood flowing. The theme of today’s meeting was this weekend’s Super Bowl with our beloved, exciting and classy RAMS playing the evil and hated New England Patriots led by a GOAT. Most of us are looking forward to the funny commercials, entertaining half time show and a close, memorable football game. Dan Aldrich was able to answer our first trivia question and name three retired Ram quarterbacks for a fun prize and Steve Baker was able to identify why we think Tom Brady is a GOAT and brought home the cheese.

Our fining session was very rather robust with fines handed out to Tom Brashears for enjoying 3 weeks of Island time, Stacey Lydon for soliciting girl scout cookies (I did eat nearly a whole sleeve of the thin mints last night), Dean Axelrod for sharing that Direct Relief received a $5,000,000 donation from Virgil Eilings, Kathleen Blake for her new hip, and best of all Matt Nehmer for putting his hat in the ring to fill the open Santa Barbara City Council seat. I will say that if the current City Council has any foresight they will select Matt after they hold their interviews with all 12 applicants next week. If you live in the City of Santa Barbara, I would implore you to reach out to the local City Council Member from your district and recommend Matt for this position. We all know how hard working and ethical he is, and your recommendation may make the difference in electing the best person for the job.

Dean Axelrod and Dick Salogga (SaLOWgah) along with a few other members are coordinating an architectural contest for the local high school students. We raised some funds to get them started and will hear more about this event going forward.

Only two more weeks until our Guatemala contingent leaves to make a positive difference in the world and they would like to take your unwanted clothing, school supplies, soccer balls and other appropriate items with them so please bring something to the next couple of meetings.
Our club recently sponsored the establishment of a 2nd Rotaract Club at UCSB. We would like to support them by attending one of their meetings. We will move our Friday 2/22/19 lunch meeting to Monday evening 2/25/19, which is when the UCSB Rotaract club holds their regular meetings. The place and time are being determined and we will let you know as soon as we confirm.

Joining us for our presentation this week was Lisa Przekop and her special guest “Special”. No that is not a typo that is actually her name and she was a Very Special Person indeed. They came to us to with information about UCSB’s Guardians Scholars Program, which assists Foster Youth while attending college at UCSB. With Lisa leading this program, they support 170 Foster Youth students as they manage through the challenges of college. Providing financial and emotional support is critical when you do not have these resources readily available like most of us did. Special showed us how effective this program is when she shared her emotional story with us. She is going to be graduating with a Sociology degree and demonstrated confidence and maturity while navigating a very difficult and winding path. We were all so inspired that Steve Petersen outbid Kirk Greene for the extremely valuable RAMS jersey on my back with the $175 proceeds going to the UCSB Guardians Scholar Program. I am ecstatic because this most assuredly provides the RAMS with that little bit of extra Karma they will need to beat those dreaded Patriots.


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