President’s Letter – December 18, 2018

President’s Letter – December 18, 2018

Our meeting began with a dignified flag salute led by Don Jack and an inspirational invocation provided by Dan Aldrich. As a tribute to our speaker, we proceeded to sing the theme song to Green Acres, which brought back fond memories from our youth. You can bet we will be looking for an opportunity to use the theme songs from Gilligan’s Island or The Beverly Hillbillies down the road.

Robert Dibley and Laurie Small were fined for missing the meeting and enjoying sailing with friends in faraway places. Fining our members allows us to be generous in other ways. One of those ways was by thanking our hosts at the Hilton Beachside Resort, Peter, Gerry and Patrick with a holiday card and monetary gift. Another volunteer effort performed by our members is the bell ringing for the Salvation Army, which I understand is going very well. Every member who has volunteered to spread some holiday cheer and ring the bell deserves a huge Thank You!

Julian answered our 100-year trivia question correctly and continued the holiday spirit by donating his Ripley’s Believe it or Not book to the Foster Children’s Christmas Giving Fund. Unfortunately, Tom Brashiers was not so fortunate with his answer so the brick of Velveeta cheese will have to wait for another day, which will be just fine based upon the expiration date.

Fireside Chat
We were joined at the Fireside by an enthusiastic Dan Herlinger. Dan was born in Czechoslovakia then moved to Chicago when he was a young child where he grew up with his large family. In 1984, he moved out to Santa Barbara where he would spend his career in hospital administration. In fact, he knew Roger Drue during their professional careers. Dan was instrumental in coordinating the merger of a number of area hospitals including Santa Barbara’s own St. Francis Hospital. It was no surprise when Dan proclaimed that the most significant pillar from the four-way test while he was working was “Is it fair for all involved”.

Dan has three daughters, two living in Portland and one living in Colorado. He will be celebrating his 50th Wedding anniversary with his wife Suzy next year! I bet you did not know that Dan has volunteered with our International contingent in Guatemala five times and he will be going again this year with his daughter from Colorado. It is Rotarians like Dan that make our club a significant force in the community and abroad. Thank you for your service Dan and for joining us at the Fireside so we all could get to know you better. May your desire to age gracefully come true.

Speaker Presentation
We were joined by Ed Seaman who is the Executive Director of Wild Farmlands Foundation, President of Creekside Business Services, General Manager of Santa Barbara Blueberries and founding board member of Santa Barbara Youth Music Academy. Ed spoke to us about sustainable small farming operations and the value they provide their local communities. He is a strong supporter of youth education and the farm that he manages in Buellton brings out many guests that learn from him. Large farming operations are providing a greater percentage of the global food supply and Ed believes that small farming operations need to continue to receive our support. Thank you Ed for being a steadfast contributor and supporter of the smaller farms in our community, especially since they are such an integral part of the Central Coast.

Upcoming Events
We will be dark the following two Friday’s 12/21 and 12/28 so from all of the Board and myself please have a joyous and memorable Holiday Season.


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