President’s Letter – December 11, 2018

President’s Letter – December 11, 2018

This year we thought we would try something different. Rather than celebrate the Holidays with another party we gathered at the Municipal Golf Course and climbed into the Santa Barbara Trolley to tour the Christmas lights. With a little help from the hot chocolate and other fine beverages we were able to stay warm and enjoy the colorful light show. I particularly enjoyed the wide array of decorations and lights that our community so loves displaying. We let the community know we were appreciative with a loud cheer for all the houses that went overboard. I can just imagine the typical homeowner sitting in their living room when we pull up and cheer their decorations from the trolley. They must think we are nuts (they are probably correct).

Well after terrorizing the neighborhoods in our air conditioned Trolley we adjourned to Harry’s Plaza Café for some warm food and more cold drinks. We toasted the evening’s festivities, continued to enjoy each other’s company and ate more food than we should have. Thank you Marlee for setting this event up and changing the direction of our Holiday activity. I look forward to round 2 next year!

Upcoming Events
On 12/14/18, we will hear from Ed Seaman who is the Executive Director of Wild Farmlands Foundation, President of Creekside Business Services, General Manager of Santa Barbara Blueberries and founding board member of Santa Barbara Youth Music Academy. Ed is passionate about youth education, naturally grown foods and local ecosystem stewardship. He will discuss sustainability for farming operations and regenerative agriculture.

If you can help out with the Salvation Army bell ringing reach out to Connie Green to sign up for a shift. We will be collecting on Saturday and Sunday in front of Marshalls.

We will be dark the following two Friday’s 12/21 and 12/28 so from all of the Board and myself please have joyous and memorable Holiday Season.


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