President’s Letter – August 7, 2019

President’s Letter – August 7, 2019

Dear Fellow Members of the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara,
The Rotary theme for the month of August is (you guessed it!) membership. There is a lot of advice and guidance that comes from RI about how to recruit and attract new members. But there really isn’t any mystery. There are four essential elements for attracting prospective members:•    Offer enjoyable fellowship at weekly meetings,

•    Present engaging and relevant programs,
•    Offer meaningful opportunities for community service, and 
•    Tell the community about it.

Does our club have all of these elements in place? What are we doing well and consistently? Where do we need to do a better job? How can you contribute?

One of the areas where I think we can do better is in telling the community about it. We are trying some new things like describing the topic of the program more prominently in the HUB, posting our programs as Facebook events (people who “like” our club’s page should receive notices about the events automatically), and publishing press releases. Are you good at writing press releases? The club could use your help (spoiler alert: we have two especially newsworthy programs coming up this week and on Sept. 6 and it would be great to get good press releases out).

Telling the community is also as simple as bringing up the subject in everyday conversations. When I realize that I am talking to someone who values community and fellowship, and already volunteers, I ask whether they have heard of Rotary and see where the conversation goes. If you know someone who is interested in the local business climate, what if you mentioned that there will be a Q&A with the interim CEO of the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce, Stephanie Armstrong, at our club meeting this week? You never know — they might want to attend!

The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara has a lot to offer. If we want our club to grow (or even not shrink!) it will take everyone’s involvement. Will you let me or any of the board members how you would like to help?

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Friday. I hope you come with lots of questions for Ms. Armstrong!



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