President’s Letter – August 3, 2017

President’s Letter – August 3, 2017

Dear Rotarians:

Today I had the honor of filling in as President for the esteemed “Bow Tie” Michael Gardner. I’m hopeful that Michael (and is dog Lucky) can be back for our August 11 meeting. After how I handled the duties today, you all are probably more anxious for Michael to return than I.

Summertime brings us a smaller than normal group as so many of us are vacationing. I know that many of us attend the Friday Happy Hour that Gretchen Falvo so diligently organizes. In addition to the Friday Happy Hour, some of us attended Wednesday’s Soiree in honor of our visiting/traveling Rotarians that was at Katerina’s house. It was a relaxing and enjoyable evening of fellowship. Because it was at a member’s home instead of at a bar or restaurant, the evening had a more personal and social touch to it. We were able to mingle, get involved in great conversations, learn a bit more about each other, and then all spend a few minutes hearing from our guests in the intimate setting of a Rotarian’s home. It was very nice. So many of those in attendance have spoken to me since Wednesday saying, “we need to do this more often.” Not to discount the enjoyment of our Friday happy hours; this was an event of a different kind. Thank you Katerina for volunteering your home. Michael Gardner has spoken of his desire for our Club to have more Fellowship. Wednesday evening at Katerina’s afforded us a different relaxed and comfortable way of enjoying each other in fellowship. I hope we can make mid-week afternoon soiree’s a monthly occurrence.

Don’t forget about our Club’s FAMILY Picnic coming up on September 29th at Tucker’s Grove. Note that I said FAMILY. It is not a stag event. We should consider making our Club Picnic a mandatory “bring your dog (s)” event. We can take our dogs up to the dog park at the top of Tucker’s grove and let them romp around while we sip margaritas from the frozen margarita machine.

Thank you to Stacy Lydon for introducing our speaker, to Steve Brooks for leading us in the pledge, and to Donald Jack for his inspirational message. Thank you Paul Musgrove for filing in as greeter in addition to fulfilling your Sergeant At Arms duties. You punched a lot of paper today. If you develop carpal tunnel syndrome you can file a claim with Rotary International. And, thank you ALL for turning your cell phones to SILENT. I didn’t hear a single ring, ding or buzz during the meeting. Thank you Dick Salogga for your “mini program” on traveling Rotarians. I hear that the poker group is posting odds on the likelihood of Mike Bieza being attacked by sharks while escaping Alcatraz. If you want to get in on the action I suggest that you contact Bob Hansen. Bob will be Book-Making. And, thanks to all of you who chose to offer suggestions to me as to how I should run the meeting. You were all such a BIG help. NOT!!!!!

And don’t forget to go to Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital Wednesday or Thursday to visit Steve Petersen. He is on a quest to become the first bionic Rotarian. Following his hip replacement on Wednesday he will be 99.99% titanium. Note to self…never attempt to go through airport security with Steve Petersen…it takes forever.

Yours in Rotary…
Bob Fatch
Past Club President
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara


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