President’s Letter – August 29, 2019

President’s Letter – August 29, 2019

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

The Rotarian magazine arrived this week and I was surprised, and not so surprised, to see that the 2020 Rotary Convention in Honolulu is the cover story. It seems like a long way off, but June 2020 will be here before we know it. One of the reasons Rotary is such a successful organization is that it knows how to plan and execute its plan. What is remarkable is the way Rotary International has structured its communication strategies, support, and resources for local clubs in a way that results not only in an amazing annual convention, but a huge turnout from clubs all over the world. There is a lot for the convention planners to do between now and then. No one doubts that it will all get done.

The Convention coincides with the end of our club’s fiscal year. What would you like the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara to accomplish between now and then? If we come together to set a goal and make a plan, and stick together to see it through, we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. Think big or think small. What is the low hanging fruit that is just waiting for us to pick it and make a difference. A lot of little drips add up to a bucket of good. So does a whole bucket of good!

The goal doesn’t have to be something that is completed this year — what about something that would make our community better in the future, but begins now? What have you seen in this place we love that breaks your heart? Where do you see a need that isn’t being met by government or other charitable organizations? What can the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara do with the skills and passions of its members to make Santa Barbara even better?

These are not rhetorical questions. Your Board is standing by ready to help. I’d like to hear your ideas. Send me an email. Meet me for coffee. Share your idea at one of our weekly meetings. Whatever small step gets us moving, let’s start now. We can do it on our own, or partner with other Rotary clubs or companies or nonprofits. But whatever it is, let’s do it. Let’s get together and start making a plan. Because in the blink of an eye the year will be past and we’ll wonder where all the time went…as we board the plane to Honolulu!

Warmest regards,


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