President’s Letter – August 21, 2019

President’s Letter – August 21, 2019

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

The Rotary theme for August has been “membership”, and just in the nick of time in this issue of The Hub you will see the notice of a proposed new member, Michelle Meyering. You have seven days to notify our membership director, Michael Baker, if you have any concerns or objections to Michelle joining our club. If there are no objections in that seven-day period, Michelle will become our newest member. 

At yesterday’s Board meeting we continued our discussion of how to make the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara a premiere Rotary club that attracts the best that Santa Barbara has to offer. We are committed to continuing the top tier programming which most of our members say is the most important factor that determines their satisfaction with the club. Be sure to attend on September 6 for The Cyber Crisis — the true threat and what we can do about it. Stan Stahl is coming up from LA to speak to us, so let’s give him a proud Santa Barbara welcome and show him that the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara is worth the effort! 

Speaking of membership, September 6 is a perfect opportunity to invite people who you think would be interested in joining. Do you know anyone in IT, or who leads or owns a business, or is concerned about online privacy, or is concerned about electronic meddling in our elections? 

The Board is also considering the cost of membership in our club. It might be an obstacle for many prospective members who otherwise would eagerly join. Our biggest cost is the weekly lunch which the club has been subsidizing, even as we each pay $35 per week. After our thoughtful town hall last week, in the next couple of weeks I will be asking you for your thoughts on some options. I hope you will be at meetings and reading your email in order to participate in the conversation and share your opinions. I look forward to seeing you on Friday at MOXI!



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