President’s Letter – August 18, 2015

President’s Letter – August 18, 2015

SANTA BARBARA’S  HISTORY WORD FOR THE DAY:  Chapala.  The word has been morphed possibly from other possible words, such as, chapatla in Spanish is where clay pots are made, or Chapalac, a chief who ruled Jalisco, Mexico in 1531.  In that town there is a Lake Chapala.  However the word Chapala is not in any Spanish dictionary.  In time the word became to mean to “splash” or “paddle about” which does fit for our Chapala Street to be aptly named as at the foot of Chapala is where “sailors used to land and load their rowboats and skiffs with passengers and goods.  (from Street Names of Santa Barbara  by Neal Graffy).

We will continue our vision to make what we have bigger, better and bolder.  My vision is that each of you take part in that vision.  Board meetings are currently on the third Tuesday of each month.  Next Board meeting is at noon August 18 at 15 East Carrillo at noon.

SPEAKER –   John McCutcheon gave us some information about the new direction of the UCSB athletic department.  Many physical changes will include and re surfaced track and floor of the Thunderdome.  A new Director of Women’s Basketball Coach, Bonnie Henrickson, has been added to the department.  Bonnie will speak on August 28th to our club.  John also answered many questions our members had that included subjects, such as, athletic funding, revenues and expenditures, recruitment, compliance with athletic rules and graduation rates.  John was happy to announce that the athlete graduation rate is 84%.  That is higher than the college average.  Michael Baker Director of the United Boys and Girls Clubs thanked John and the department for their generosity of providing tickets for the games that allow many children to enjoy college sports.  John very adeptly answered every question thoroughly and to use an athletic quote he “pulled no punches”.

Kathleen Blake
Club President
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara


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