President’s Letter – April 3, 2019

President’s Letter – April 3, 2019

Getting us started with our flag salute was the bubbly Pamela Galvin, who was followed by Carlos Cortez and his message of being kind to those who cause us harm.  Our song was poorly delivered by yours truly and soundly gonged by Jennifer Lemert (sorry Davis my bad).

We had a large number of guests due to Jim Stretchberry inviting everybody he knows.  All kidding aside thank you Jim for being proud of your club and bringing your friends to enjoy our company.  Connie Green was fined for letting everyone know about her baseball book that she coauthored with other baseball aficionados.

Lake Cachuma Fundraiser
Using my powerful executive powers, I chose to change the rules on our Lake Cachuma Contest again. The first change is that we will not require everyone to participate. The second change is that now we will have prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers. It looks like a tight race so stay tuned for the measurement on 3/31/19.  Bubbles is really looking forward to a nice new home.

Fireside Chat
We welcomed Michael Self up to the Fireside today.  Rather than dig into her past we heard what Michael is passionate about.  She shared that her reason for joining Rotary was to make new friendships and like John Rasmussen she is proud of the people she has met and grown close to over the years.  Her time on the City Council provided her the opportunity to learn the nuances of our community and it is clear she cares a great deal about our town.  A word to the wise, do not propose a high-density development next door to Michael.

Much to everyone’s surprise Michael’s cell phone rang right in the middle of the interview, which drew a full card fine.  A word to the wise when you bring your cell phone up to the fireside it is a good idea to mute the ringer.  I bet Bob Hansen saw her carry the phone up to the Fireside and called her on purpose.  What else are friends for? Although we were not able to witness Michael cry on stage we did get to know her better, which was enjoyable for all of us.  Thank you Michael for sharing your views of the world with us and being such a perfect Rotarian.

Speaker Presentation
We had the pleasure of meeting one of Santa Barbara’s finest today.  Sergeant Warren Holtke from the S B police department joined us today to talk about human trafficking in Santa Barbara.  Who would think in our small town that this kind of activity is present but Sgt. Holtke confirmed that this crime occurs in many small towns, ours included.  With stories of how runaway kids are preyed upon by the criminal elements, it reminds us to keep our eyes and ears open.

For me the most emotional comment was when Sgt. Holtke explained that occasionally the victim will open up during an interrogation and allow herself to be extracted from the horrible situation by law enforcement.  This must be very rewarding to be part of but also frustrating when you are unable to convince a victim to make a change for their benefit.  Ultimately, we were all glad to hear that officers like Sgt. Holtke are working to catch criminal elements preying upon a portion of our society.


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